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China, Thailand, India, England

Last Updated: March 30, 2007 03:00 UTC
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3/1/07:  Hi everyone!  Welcome to the newest trip page on PhantomNetwork.  This trip is the longest, most complicated one yet - see the route on the map above - we're going around the world to the west!  We have business to conduct in China and India, and along the way we plan to spend a day in Bangkok and London as well before finally making it home.  It's going to be an exciting, tiring, busy, productive trip and we look forward to sharing it with you.  See you soon!
3/8/07: We're in China!  It was a long 28-hour day but we finally got to the hotel in Hangzhou around 8pm local time, and had a full day in the office.  See the stories on the pages below.
3/12/07: We're now in Bombay after having traveled through Bangkok.  I've got the story of 3/11 up, 3/12 will have to wait for tomorrow.
3/14/07: I uploaded the Shanghai pictures that got left out so now you can see the rest of it. I also did the second day of Bangkok. I was also able to get one of the Shanghai traffic videos uploaded.
3/17/07: Got caught up with prior days's postings, I'm now up to date.  Enjoy!
3/24/07: We're home!  I've posted the notes for 3/18, rest will come soon. Thanks to everyone for your kind words during this very long, tiring trip.  We're glad to be home!
3/28/07: I posted the final notes on the rest of the days.  Thanks for visiting.

The Page-A-Day

Trip Day

Brief Description of Activities - Check each page for more detail!

Last Revised (UTC)

Tuesday, March 6
Departure day, home to O'Hare, leave for Shanghai, China 3/28 22:00
Wednesday, March 7
Arrive in Shanghai, drive to Hangzhou.
3/8  15:00
Thursday, March 8
In the office in Hangzhou, eat Thai food.
3/8  15:00
Friday, March 9
Go back to Shanghai.  Eat jellyfish.
3/10 00:00
Saturday, March 10
A day in Shanghai.
3/10 15:00
Sunday, March 11
Leave for India via Thailand.  "One night in Bangkok..."
3/12 19:00
Monday, March 12
Leave Bangkok behind, head to Mumbai
3/14 19:00
Tuesday, March 13
In the office. Nothing really to post.
Wednesday, March 14
Another day in the office. Saw Gandhi's house.
3/16 18:00
Thursday, March 15
Head to Bhubaneswar
3/17 19:00
Friday, March 16
In the office.
3/17 19:00
Saturday, March 17
Visit the Sun Temple of Konark, then off to Chennai
3/17 19:00
Sunday, March 18
Visit Mahabalipuram's temples and rock carvings
3/24 13:00
Monday, March 19
In the office, visit the tomb of St. Thomas
3/24 13:00
Tuesday, March 20
Miscellaneous notes on Chennai
3/28 22:00
Wednesday, March 21
Some humorous notes on Bangalore
3/28 22:00
Thursday, March 22
Final day in Bangalore, see a military jet, fly to New Delhi for our final flights home.
3/28 22:00
Friday, March 23
16 hours from New Delhi to Chicago.
3/28 22:00

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