This is such a long trip with so many stops, I decided to make up a separate page of maps so as to not clutter the main page.

First we start in the USA:

Then we go to Shanghai, China:

Here's a polar view of our ORIGINAL route around the world. Map provided by:  Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz
Courtesy of Great Circle Mapper

During the third week we changed our plan to instead take us home direct from India - we love London but were tired.  Here's the projected alternate route, although the actual flight plan took us further south, through Norway and skirting the bottom tip of Greenland:

Afterwards we take our repose in Bangkok, Thailand:

Then it's off to India for several stops:

Finally, a day in London for good measure.

And finally back home:

As more maps come up I'll post them here as well.