Friday, March 16

Today we did our review in Bhubaneswar and had dinner at the Mayfair Lagoon, another fine hotel next door.  My stomach started to settle down.

The morning started early, looking out at the grounds of the Trident Hilton, a beautiful oasis.

This is part of a tech park called InfoCity.

In the vicinity of InfoCity, some nearby residents.  Moo.

The women here can carry anything on their heads, but we were particularly impressed by the 50-gallon drum-carry.

This is a sculpture in front of the hotel next to us, the Mayfair, where we went for Thai food with some folks from the office.  It's a representation of a scene from one of the Indian epic poems.

For lunch the company provided an American-style lunch, with steamed veggies, spaghetti, chicken stroganoff and white rice.  As much as we enjoy trying different foods, this was a welcome sight.  For dinner we went to the Mayfair for some Chinese/Thai food which was very good.

Tomorrow we've got a tour scheduled out to Konark, a 900-year old Hindu temple to the Sun god which should be very impressive. Then we're off to Chennai.  A couple more cities and we'll be home.  See you soon!