Tuesday, March 20

Today was a work day so not a lot to note. We left Chennai for Bangalore, ending our stay at Fisherman's Cove.  The rooms in the hotel were nice, not as large as the cottage we had when we came in 2005, but very nice anyway.  I just wish there were fewer mosquitoes or that they sprayed for them.  I was bitten more than a dozen times in one night.

Here's the room:

Note the basket with the folded laundry.

The shower was really good, even if it did drip out the bottom.

A field filled with garbage.

After the day at the office, it was off to Chennai airport to wait around for our delayed flight.  There's not too many amenities here, and I won't show you the bathroom.  You can thank me later.

Tomorrow it's our final stop - Bangalore. We're in the home stretch.