They may be large, they may not be edited, and they may be from a digital camera rather than some expensive purpose-built camera.  But they are what they are.  Enjoy.

Traffic in Shanghai, part 1 (15MB).

Traffic in Shanghai, part 2 (12MB).

The market in the old city in Shanghai (14MB).

The crowd at the garden in Old Shanghai (13MB).

Life along the canals in Bangkok (12 MB)

American companies doing business in Bangkok (13 MB).

The Grand Palace in Bangkok (16 MB).

Traffic in Bangkok (15 MB).

Life in Bombay. (3 MB)

Dude, there's an elephant! (11 MB)

Goats at Mahabalipuram (500 KB)

Explanation of the stone carvings at Mahabalipuram (5 minutes) (7 MB)

Stone Temple by the sea (500 KB)

Indian dudes singing Sinatra (600 KB)