Monday, August 13

Today was a work day so there's not a lot to tell.  After we got back to the hotel we thought about dinner and didn't feel like another hotel buffet. Our recent mall experience was good, and there is a second mall in Campinas, the "largest in Latin America", so we thought we could eat something over in the food court if nothing else.  At least it wouldn't be way expensive.

So we headed to Parque Dom Pedro, a very large mall, not sure how large but it's plenty big, some 500 stores.   The signs for it are certainly large enough. This is the "water" entrance, there are others named for birds, flowers, and more.

By this entrance is this large tree-looking thing. From the plaque we're not positive if this is a 400-year old ficus tree from India, or if it's art based on someone seeing a 400-year-old ficus tree from India. Or something like that...

We found the food court, yes, it is huge.

CJ wanted the Fry-Chicken, (it's super, the logo has an S right above the white band so it must be Super-Chicken) and nothing else sounded real good so I had beef and spatzle from the pseudo-German place next door.  Both were fine, though not fantastic.  What did we expect from the mall food court?

At least the food court has McInternet:

Sorry it's not more exciting.  But there is work afoot.  See you tomorrow!
-- Us