Wednesday, August 15

We're home, and this will be the last update for this trip.

There's not an enormous amount to post of sites we saw, because even though we asked many people "what should we see in Campinas" we were always, to a person, told "The Mall".  There are 3 malls in Campinas, Shopping Dom Pedro, and Iguatemi.  We went to both and they're very nice, large malls.  Dom Pedro is apparently the largest in Latin America, and it is huge.  But not being the shopping buffs, we saw enough of those and on our last day, just hung out at the hotel doing some work and waiting to leave for our flight.

The drive back to the airport in Guaralhos outside of Sao Paolo from Campinas took us through many middle-class areas:

There are high-tech companies in the area, this park is called "Tech Town".

Some high-rise apartment buildings.

Sorry it's blurry, but it was the best picture I had of this building with the word "Schenectady" on it.

Coming over a hill toward the airport we got a view of the outskirts of Sao Paolo. Downtown is so far away you can't see it here.

Our flight home took us mostly the route we took down, over the Amazon. 

Coming into JFK we did this unusual jog in our route.  Don't know why.

We're home!  Driving back home from JFK I got to see the Unisphere from the 1964 New York World's Fair, something I had never had occasion to see before.

That's it, we're home and done.  We enjoyed Brazil and would definitely go back again. The weather was fantastic, the people great, the food excellent and you can drink the water.  They even drive on the correct side of the road. What's not to like?

Now I can start planning a trip to the 7th and final continent, Antarctica...