The money in Brazil is the Real, and is indicated by R$.  The exchange rate right now is about 1.8 = $1US so not quite double.  Here's how it looks:

The coins from the top are 1 Real, 50 centavos, 10 centavos (1997), 5 centavos, and the copper one is 10 centavos (2005).  On the front is what looks to me like a Greek or Roman statue and the name says "Deus Seja Louvado". On the back of the currency are various local animals. The 10 has the Arara, the 20 the Mico-Lead-Dourado and the 50 the Onca-Pintada. The bills are all the same size, though different colors.
8/13: I took some other pictures of the currency, also I acquired a 5 Reais and two 25 centavos, from 1995 (silver) and 2004 (copper). The coins are not the same size.

The 5 Reais has the Garca on the back.