Tuesday, October 3

Greetings!  Today we spent another day doing our review and didn't really get out too much.  Here's the update:

First, some views from the hotel compound.  Looking southeast toward the downtown area:

Note the barbed wire.  There's towers at the corners as well, and guards are positioned in them at night to keep an eye on the beach.

Here's the beach, where usually, if you approach, locals come up to sell you stuff.  CJ had a nice conversation with one guy but you'll have to ask him about it.

Nice day for a run, too windy for surf.  Plus that riptide.

A couple of friends came by for breakfast:

I noticed this set of billboards on the way in yesterday, not the big ones - the two on top from the Ghana Police.  In many signs around the country, and in the office, there are signs that explicitly refer to your civic or political responsibility.  Sounds like country trying to get the past behind and make a bright future.

For those who follow my travels by playing "Where's Alex?", go find the Akuafo Intersection.  And see the zoo while you're there.

There's lots of banks, and new ones being chartered every day.  Thought you might like to see an ad-

This is a pretty common shop in the downtown area.  Note the woman carrying a bundle on her head.  Seems really practical, actually.

Ghana is hosting the Cup of African Nations (CAN) in 2008, which is why there's a big stadium being renovated.  Soccer (footy) is a big deal.

Hilton's coming to town.

For lunch we went out with some folks from the office, and they took us to a very good Chinese restaurant.  The menu had such things as live lobster, octopus, jellyfish and frog legs, but we had a package deal for 7 that had some excellent whole fried fish, hot & sour soup, bbq pork, curry shrimp, fried rice, egg rolls with chili sauce and tempura shrimp.  There was fried toffee banana with vanilla ice cream and watermelon for dessert.  Yummy.

That's pretty much it.  Hopefully we get most of our work wrapped up tomorrow and we can take a drive to some of the sights.  See ya tomorrow!