Thursday, June 23

Another visit and off to Bangalore

Rachel got up early to get you these lovely shots of dawn over the Bay of Bengal and it would be a shame to not put them all up.  Let her know which you like best!
Dawn1  Dawn 2

Dawn 3  Dawn 4

Dawn 5

We were picked up on time, then off to another company for a review.  I will mention one thing about this company which I think people will find amusing, and which is not really related to our review.  In their data center, where they have several mainframes, lots of servers and network gear, they also have a Hindu shrine on a small table near the mainframes, and they have placed flowers on the mainframes to ask the gods for good luck.  We thought that was cool.

Then we did some shopping at a government-sponsored store that buys handicrafts from local villages and sells them quite inexpensively.  So yes, people, we have some knicknacks for you!  Then it was off to the airport for another nice uneventful airplane trip - this time we knew about the security tags and had no surprises.

The flight from Chennai to Bangalore was only 45 minutes, barely long enough for us to eat the sandwiches they gave us <urp>.  Much was cloudy since the Monsoon starts again in the evening, but some of the clouds were cool:
Chennai  Clouds

Clouds  clouds

clouds  Storm clouds

Now we're getting toward landing in Bangalore, forests, trees and burned out apartment buildings:
Bangalore  Bangalore


As usual, the traffic to the hotel was terrible, but it was less frantic than other cities we've been to, only a couple of cows, no goats, and nothing unusual than a lot of people. 

Tonight we're at the Oberoi, a 4 or 5 star hotel in Bangalore.  Check it out at
Tomorrow we're off to another company and maybe have some time to see the city in the late afternoon.  Bye!
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