Friday, June 24

Yet another visit and some driving around Bangalore

Howdy everyone.  Today was a pretty quiet day - a normal wakeup time, a prompt pickup by our business partner, a half hour drive to the office, perform our review, have a nice lunch, and drive back to the hotel via a very large Hare Krishna temple.  Same old, same old...

Didn't take any pictures on the way in, because you've seen examples of everything we've seen -  poverty, small ramshackle buildings, some large IT parks and offices, some nice houses, some shanties.  Par for the course.

Lunch was at a Thai restaurant within the office park where our vendor is located.  Had a very nice buffet including spicy Thai chicken noodle soup, Thai toast, which is a small triangular vegetable pattie, along with sweetened lime soda and some other rice and chicken dishes.  Rachel had a sweet chicken and noodle dish, I think called Pad Thai. 

On the way back, took some exciting action photos.  Enjoy.

For those of you who enjoy finding locations on a map, I wish you luck finding my location in this picture:

Many things are advertised on the street which you don't generally see in the US, like brands of cement, plywood, hydraulic fluid, and in this picture, electrical outlets.  The sign of a growing economy indicated by construction advertising?  Perhaps a new economic indicator.

Would you buy tyres or real estate from people in these buildings? 
Real Estate

It't blurry but I think you can get the idea of what one of the multitude of roadside Hindu shrines looks like.

A road that leads in from the main highway, to businesses, homes, etc.

These are some of the ever-present "Goods Hauler" trucks.  Most go no more than 30 mph.

We were disappointed we could not get Kentucki chicken at 3 in the afternoon.
Kentucki Chicken

Here are a few shots of the Krishna Shrine, built about 10 years earlier.  Very large, the property easily 1000 feet on a side.
Temple  Temple 2


This is the manufacturing plant for a brand of well-known Indian sandals.  I just wish their name didn't mean something else in english, kind of how Chevy Nova sold poorly in Mexico.

Here are a couple of shots of the state parliament building.
Parliament  Parliament

And finally a few shots from the Oberoi, a very nice hotel we are enjoying very much.
Oberoi  Pond

That's it for tonight.  Dinner later, then up early again for a Saturday business assessment, then off to Mumbai in the evening.  See you from there, in the heart of the Monsoon.
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