Monday, June 27

Our final company review

Well we're finally in the home stretch.  Our final company review was completed this afternoon, now we're just hanging until our flight is called. 

Our drive to work was in some of the heaviest rain we've ever seen.  The Monsoon cycle is well entrenched here in the sub-continent, and it was like driving through a tropical storm, with wind, driving rain, and huge puddles.  Drainage is being added on now, so the water goes where it will - overpasses have sheets of water pouring off them onto the lanes of traffic below, making an already excitable commute even more exhilarating.  I tried to get a few shots of it this morning, but nothing really came out well. 

The rain came and went all day; our drive home was fine.  Later in the day the water buffalo were grazing next to the hotel, which is next to a marshy spot.  Here you can see the marshy area next to the hotel and a zoomed-in picture showing the water buffalo.
Water Buffalo 1  Water Buffalo 2

Here's the lobby of the hotel we're staying at - a beautiful place.

The only picture of Mumbai and its environs today is of an overpass being built - with actual steel framework - not the bamboo or other wood products as scaffolding.  The scooter driver wasn't quite sure what we were doing.
More construction

I'll wrap up today with a few other exhibits I've accumulated during our travels.  First, the ITC Sheraton we stayed at in Hyderabad, outside and the lobby (from their web site).  We were encouraged to not leave the premises, so I never got a picture from outside.
ITC Sheraton  Lobby of ITC Sheraton

The outside of one of the tech centers we visited (note the very large satellite dish - cool!)
A tech building

This map from the Mumbai hotel web site helps show where we are.  Frankly I have no idea where we are.  If you'd like to check out their web site it's here.

Also, upon further examination of the map from our flight over from Frankfurt, I have decided we did not fly over Iraq.  We went east-ish across Turkey then once we were in Iranian airspace we headed Southeast, south of Tehran, in order to not overfly Iraq.  I expect our return flight will use similar routing.

That's it for today.  Since we had more indian food for lunch (although they also served us spaghetti and tomato sauce with chicken) we went to the western restaurant here and had garlic roasted prawns and pasta bolognese, with Chicken Satay as an appetizer. 

See you all soon!
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