Tuesday, June 28

Finally!  On our way home.

Today was an easy day - have breakfast, do some emails, have lunch, take a walk (on the premises only - you don't want to step outside our secured area), do some more emails, finish up the gift shopping, take a nap, pack, have dinner.  Getting picked up very late - we'll be home soon.  Nothing major in today's updates, just a few finishing touches for those who are interested.

Here's a picture of an Indian payphone:

Here's the view across the marsh and bay / lake / sea / river- whatever separates this island from the other, complete with requisite electrified fence.  Hey, it keeps the people and the water buffaloes from climbing the 12' wall...

The hotel and convention center complex.

I'm presuming these were local fishermen out in the monsoon doing some daily work.

That's it for Bombay.  There's only one more thing to say before we see you again:


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