Wednesday, June 29

Finally Home, for real!

Hi everyone!  This is the update for the last day of our India trip, which was spent going to the airport at midnight, taking a 2:50 am flight to Frankfurt, and getting home around 3:00 PM EDT.  Here goes...

First, while we were trying to get a little sleep before leaving the hotel, the locals started celebrating some holiday:
Fireworks   Fireworks2

The airport was no issue - we hung out in the lounge for an hour or so, Rachel took a nap, then we headed off to the gate.  We had previously cleared customs.  We got on the 747 and were seated up front - so for those who always wondered what it looks like in the nose - here you go!

Since it was freaking early in the morning we mostly slept on this flight.  Waking up a little before 6am Frankfurt time I noted our route and flight status:
Route home 1  Route home 2
1  2

While having breakfast, I got a few shots of the area around Budapest -
North of Budapest  Budapest

And Prague (Praha):
Praha  Praha

On approach to Frankfurt - here's what that area looks like:
Frankfurt  Frankfurt
Frankfurt  Frankfurt
Frankfurt  Frankfurt

The US Air Force has a presence at Frankfurt airport :
USAF Plane

And their airport shuttle train is neat:

We got to our last flight, on an Airbus 330, and the on-board entertainment system was just booting:
Booting  Computer

Rachel REALLY liked the seat on this plane - it went almost completely flat and was electrically controlled, as opposed to the manual seats we had to endure on the earlier flights...
rachel  Rachel

The last on the plane - the cats and dogs:
last on,

A couple last pictures of our plane:
A330  A330
And our route home:
Depart  Depart
Route  Route
Route  Route

About 9 hours later - our first glimpse on NYC - never have I been so bad to see home!

The only negative of the flight home was my exuberance at finally being able to eat a salad - having eaten nothing but boiled, cooked food for the last two weeks I really wanted a salad or some fruit.  Unfortunately, the body was not quite prepared for this change in diet and it took about 4 days for everything to, shall we say, readjust.  I also had a bit of a temperature for a day or so - not sure if I picked up something at the end of the trip or if it was just the stress of the trip.  But as I write this, we're both fine, back at work, and enjoying telling everyone the stories of our adventure.  Thanks for following along!
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