Where only the strong survive

For an overview of the traffic situation, check out the writeup for June 19, where we describe what it's like to drive around the city.  These two videos show in particular detail what it looks like.  The second one shows lots of in-and-out and taxis and motorcycles cutting across everyone's path.  At one point we saw a camel walking down the street.  Seeing a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction on the left of you, as well as on the right, is a common occurrence.  The driver honks the horn pretty much continuously as he passes everyone.  Apparently this is the indication that you're going to pass, as slow-moving trucks hauling bulky goods have "honk horn" painted on the back of them.  It's organized chaos, and there's no way at all I would consider driving in this myself.

Video Links
10% of normal traffic (5.6 MB)
The Ins and Outs of traffic (7.2 MB)

6/21/05 Videos:
Today Rachel has six videos for your amusement.  If nothing else you have to watch some of the "Times Square" and Buffalo videos.
Traffic - note the women sweeping and crossing the road
Times Square - Hyderabad
2 Tut-tuts in a fender-bender
Some new IT Buildings
Some more new IT buildings
Buffalo have the right of way!
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