Easter Sunday, April 16

Happy Easter!  Today was my first full day in Japan.  My time adjustment plan worked out, so I woke up at 6:30 am ready to go.  Went next door to the supermarket and spent about half an hour going through it, figuring out what to get for a small breakfast, since I was meeting up with Abdellah for lunch and a visit to the office.  The Pororoca supermarket is a nice-sized neighborhood market and has everything you need, at least I think it does.  I got some "English Bread", 3 slices in a package, some OJ, cow milk, a package of 3 ready-to-heat rice bowls, a Nissen "Cup Noodles" and a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut made in New Zealand.  This should be enough to snack on for a few days.  They have lots of prepared foods, some hot and ready-to-eat and lots refrigerated, everything from octopus and cuttlefish to breaded chicken breasts.  But not surprisingly, nothing is in English to it takes some time to figure out what things are, and hope for the best. 

At 1 Abdellah came by and we walked up to the office, where we spent a couple of hours checking out my computer setup, doing some overview of some of my tools, and figuring out what to do for lunch. The Indian place that delivers to the office was closed for the afternoon between the lunch and dinner periods, so we took the Tokyo Metro from Kamayacho station, right outside the door of our office, down the Hibiya line to Roppongi.  I am now the proud owner of a 1000 Yen Gamera Metro card.  Click the link to find out what Gamera is.

We had lunch at an Indian restaurant in Roppongi, where for 1050¥ you get 3 different curries, all the naan and biryani rice you can eat, and indian tea.  Had a mild chicken curry, mushroom saag and a spicy chicken chilli curry.  Yum!

Here's Roppongi:

And this is the entrance to a nightclub that was unique enough to have it shown in my DK Japan guide book.

After this we took a cab back to the hotel where I went back to work, getting ready for my first day in the office.  See you tomorrow!