The trip through April 19

Hi all!  Since this is a business trip I haven't had lots of time to write, nor have I been doing tourist stuff during the week.  But here's some snapshots I took to give you more idea of what it's like.

A couple of days ago I got up early, while still adjusting to the time change.  It was just after dawn, and I hoped to see a nice sunrise.  Apparently there was some volcanic eruption somewhere in Asia and the sky was (and still is) hazy, so all I saw was the moon.  But here's some roughly 5AM pictures of Tokyo.
Tokyo in the morning


The Tokyo Tower is a big landmark and if it fell over would fall on my hotel.  Apparently it's the tallest free-standing iron tower in the world.  They're building a new one that will be twice as tall 
Tokyo tower  Tokyo Tower
Saw this link off Wikipedia where it shows what it was like when they changed the color for the Tokyo opening of The Matrix. Cool.

The Tokyo Prince Hotel is where the airport limo would drop you off if you took it, just the other side of the tower from here.

And you can't go anywhere without your corn flakes.  This is about 11 ounces, cost $4.

That's it for now.  See you soon!