Sunday April 30

Not a lot to report for today, as it was kind of a relaxing recover-from-the-trip day.  Also it gave an opportunity to put together the extensive coverage of yesterday's trip.  But the writing was interrupted about 1:45 by vocal protesting outside on a loudspeaker.  I'd heard this same kind of thing last Sunday, so I was wondering if it was a religious exhortation or a scheduled protest.  We took a walk toward the speaker which was in the direction of the office. 

There were police in riot gear outside the office, including the helmets and big plastic handheld shields.  As we sat at Starbucks awaiting the activity, police buses with metal grating over the windows and red lights drove slowly down the street with a crowd behind.  I'll include a video later once I trim it down (it's 65 Meg).  One word on the red signs was something like "Zengaksan", and we believe these were Koreans.  We were also unsure whether the police were followibg closely next to the protesters to keep them from going into traffic, to keep them from straying outside of their parade route, or to protect the protesters in case any outsiders got angry.  They headed north toward the Imperial palace.