Google Earth Placemarks

Google Earth is a cool tool and for a map fiend like myself can become an easy way to wile away hours.  Although links to these locations will be within the daily narratives, this page is a consolidated place for each of the placemarks, for my readers' ease of use

To use these, you'll need to have Google Earth installed.  Click here to download the program and install it.  I've checked it out - it's not evil.

Then, click any of these links.  You should get a dialog box that says something like "Opening Toji Temple.kmz".  Select "Open with" and choose the "Google Earth.kmzfile (default)" option.  If you have the program properly installed it should open Google Earth (if not already running) and fly you to the location indicated.

Kyoto Train Station
Toji Temple, Kyoto
The Imperial Palace, Kyoto
Nijo Castle, Kyoto

Placemarks for other places I've been:
Cairns, Australia
Queenstown, NZ
Akaroa Crater, outside Christchurch NZ
Hyderabad India