A Business Trip to Japan: April - May 2006   

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Konnichiwa.  I am currently planning an extensive business trip to Japan.  It's now been planned for April 16-May 12.  Those of you up on the Japanese calendar know that their holiday period called Golden Week falls during this time, and during that time the office is closed.  While I will be working during that time, I also hope to be able to get out and see some of the country if my boss lets me out early.  Fortunately he's 8,000 miles away.  The hope is to visit Hiroshima via Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, the home of world-famous Kobe beef.  Yum.  We'll see how the work schedule goes.

 For now, take a read of the background info on Japan on the CIA Factbook.

Update 4/15/06:  I'm here!  It's 9:30 PM JST on April 15, happy Tax Day to you back in the States.  It was a long day, but JAL was great.  Since this is a working trip, not a vacation, I may not post something every day but for those days I do, you'll see it in the list below.  Starting... now.

Update 4/30/06: Today there are updates to the Toilets page, the full story about our trip to Kyoto on Saturday, and some notes on stuff we have seen today.  A few other items:  Jim's website can be found here at www.liesfromthetablecloth.com/japan/.  He has been doing extensive blogging of his experiences which you'll find interesting from a younger person's perspective.  You may also note his pages look similar to mine. :) Also, Narita Airport has a cool page for tracking all arriving and departing flights from their airport.  Check it out, see how much of a hub Narita really is (huge!) and how far away places like the US and Australia are (far!).

5/5/06:  There's a few updates today.  I also really have to give a hand to Wikipedia, whose site I have referenced shamelessly throughout this website.  It's a completely non-profit open encylopedia that has articles on just about everything.  I think they do a great job and they deserve a hand.  They could also use some funds so if you have the inclination, why not help them out?

5/14/06: I'm home, got home yesterday.  I'll do an update this week of some things from the final couple of days, but I was working so there's not a lot to say other than some things about the trip home. Check back for the report on what a small world this is...

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Last Revised (in JST)

April 14 - 15
Departure Day. ORD to NRT.
4/15/06 22:30
April 16
First full day in Japan.  Shop for food, go to Roppongi for lunch.
4/17/06 00:00
April 19
A mid-week update.
4/20/06 08:15
April 23
A train trip outside of downtown and some random thoughts.
4/23/06 23:00
April 25
Foodstuffs and more random thoughts.
4/25/06 21:00
April 26
A trip to Tokyo Station to get Kyoto train tickets
4/26/06 19:30
April 29
A day trip to Kyoto on the Shinkansen "Bullet Train"
4/30/06 20:00
April 30
Political Protests?
4/30/06 20:00
May 3
Electronics Shopping and the busiest intersection in the world
5/4/06 01:00
May 5
A trip to Harajuko, a wood print museum and interesting food
5/5/06 20:00
May 6
Wood-cut block prints and miscellanea
5/7/06 18:00
May 7
A Collection of photos of Tokyo
5/7/06 18:00
May 12
Some final pix and thoughts
9/3/06 20:00
May 13
The trip home (finally!)
9/3/06 20:00

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