May 13 - the trip home

There's less here than I anticipated having, but for completeness, here goes.  I took the Airport Shuttle from the Tokyo Prince Hotel to Narita.  It's the easiest and just about cheapest way to go, short of figuring out the train system.  Took a cab over there since I had so much luggage, even though it was only about 3 blocks.  Once on the bus and on the way, they had a few stops to make at other downtown pickup locations so I took these snaps en route.

I presume this is a temple:

The ubiquitous corner beverage vending horde.  This one had everything - Asahi, Calpis, Coffee Boss, etc.

While waiting at a stop light, I noticed these rubberized connectors tying the bridge sections together.  For earthquake resistance?

As you see, it was a lovely day for taking pictures.  Here's the big amusement park area on a Saturday morning.

Another massive office park:

At the airport I had some time in the business class lounge before the flight, so I just checked out the airport.  Northwest is a major player, both passenger and cargo.

JAL was most excellent to fly and I still love the Boeing 747.

The gates are set up to take just about all the big planes - the 747, 777, 767, MD11, DC10, etc.

More cargo DC10s.

British Airways is a major player too.  In this picture you can see the crew showing the steering pin to the crew from the ground - man the 747 is a big plane!

But I was to take an American 777 home.  While it's nice, the business class was not as cushy as was the JAL 747 flight over, and I just don't think the 777 has as much character as the 747.  But maybe I'm a snob.

And now the story of how small a world it is.  I'm sitting in business class and chatting with the man next to me, who asks if Dallas is my final destination.  I say no, I'm heading for Connecticut.  He's heading for Massachusetts, but is originally from Connecticut.  It turns out that we went to the same high school about 3 years apart and knew many of the same teachers.  But we met on an international flight from Tokyo to Dallas.  It is truly a small world.

Back to the flight - the usual speed and altitude home.  This route took us more southerly than the trip over.

Sunrise over Washington state.

Then on to the Rockies:

I liked this perspective of how long and large the 777 wing is - that's a lot of lifting capacity!

And then something I recognized - DFW airport.  Home at last.