Food & Meals

Obviously, the food in Japan is different from that which I am accustomed in the USA.  Most of it I've liked, some of it has been weird, and sometimes it's nice to look at a menu and see things you actually recognize.

For any who are interested, this page will provide links to places we have eaten or gotten food while on this trip.  Enjoy!  Reviews of some of these can also be found at Metropolis, a local English-language newspaper.

The Heras

This private establishment invited me in on a Saturday night and gave me a great home-cooked meal, terrific after a long day.  Thank you!
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We loved the Pororoca supermarket right next to the hotel.  I actually enjoyed shopping there.  Everything was fresh, made that day, prices were fair and checkout was easy.  But you did actually have to bag your own food.
Mos Burger
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We loved Mos Burger and ate here quite a few times.  They put a sauce on the burgers that looked kind of like thick salsa, but was spicy more like a good chili, but we don't think there was any meat in it.  According to Wikipedia, it's the 2nd largest fast food franchise in Japan.
Yoshinoya Company Link Wikipedia link

We had "Beef Bowls" here.  There are more Yoshinoya in the US than in Asia, and the company was founded in 1899. 
Royal Host
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This is kind of like Japan's Denny's.  Everything from Pork cutlet, spaghetti, pancakes and regular asian food.  Open 24 hours a day for that omelette craving.
Tokyo Swiss Inn

Review site This restaurant was very near the office and had food like fondue and veal gruyere.  Not bad, but they didn't know what Riesling was and the portions were small for the price
Mad Mulligan's

Review site This pub is near the office and does a fine bangers and mash at the end of the week.
Xen / Bamboo Bar
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Review Site An interesting upscale dining experience.  The 900¥ Asahi Super Drys kept you from getting plastered. 
Masuda-ya Soba

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The guys wanted to get Soba and we found this restaurant in Roppongi Hills.  Good food, good price.  Even a cool logo.
kakiya-sushi Company Link

We got their crab & salmon roe box from inside the Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya. 
Tully's Company Link

Good coffee in Seattle, happily just as good over here.
Starbucks Company Link

Yep, you can get your standard skinny mocha latte frappuccino over here as well.  They're generally large to huge but fast and efficient.
McDonald's Company Link

I wouldn't say "I'm Lovin' It" but it did the job one night after working late.
Doutor Coffee / Excelsior Cafe Company Link

This student's report gives an interesting analysis of the "McDonald's of the Japan Coffee Market".  Thought the iced mocha at Excelsior was actually really good.

And my favorite stuff from Pororoca?  The things I ate when working real late and not having the time or inclination to go on a subway ride for dinner? 
Nissin Cup Noodle
Toyo Suisan rice bowls.  Other than Nissin Cup Noodle, the best 3-pack for 300Y on the planet.