Happiness is a warm bum...

One of the more frequent questions I get while on these trips is "what are the toilets like"?  Well my friend, the Japanese have taken restroom hygiene and comfort to a new level.  Please to see:
The loo
Not only is it impeccably clean, but it comes with a spray nozzle for hygiene, adjustable water pressure, and a heated seat for those cold Tokyo nights.  Fully electronic and adjustable.  Even has a "nozzle clean" function.  No worries in Japan.

These items I found at another office building, outside of downtown Tokyo, where most of the signs are only in Japanese.  Including the instructions to the loo.

4/30/06 Update: For those interested in the native "Japanese Toilets", here is a picture of one at Nijo Castle in Kyoto.  Similar ones (although the rooms were cleaner) have also been found in the Tokyo train station and on board the Shinkansen train.  Instructions for use seem to be similar to those of the Indian toilet, found here.
Japanese Toilet

5/3/06 Update:  Here's another toilet, this at the Laox duty-free store in Akihabara.  This is not a Toto washlet, rather it's made by National and was not as understandable or clean.