... Part 3

So I've been here a week and have gotten back in the routine.  Work is work and it goes pretty late.  I'm riding the Metro each morning to the office and have even gotten on at peak hour when it's packed.  I haven't thought it's much more packed than NYC, though I hear other stations and lines are really tight.  But my trip is only 1 station.

I must report to you that Gamera is no more.  Well, the rocket-propelled flying tortoise is alive and well, but the transit cards they used to use that had his picture are no longer in use.  Now (for the most part) it's either a single-trip ticket or the stored-value PASMO card, which works on the train, buses, and in certain vending machines and stores. 

The view from the office is really nice, here's a picture northeast toward Tokyo Bay.  The restaurant we ate at on Monday is the top floor of the building with the green sign, behind the lion, it's called Sky Restaurant PASTEL-TEI, in the Seaside Hotel. 

On Friday we went to a Korean restaurant in the food court at the office. What I chose was beef that you cook yourself at table.  What you see here, clockwise from top right, is a seaweed soup, soy sauce, rice, the uncooked beef in a teriyaki-like sauce, a spicy cabbage, then some (I thihk) potato bites in a spicy sauce, water, and a tray of little bites.  In there, the top is a potato salad, then some (I think) dried seaweed. The last thing I show more detail of in the next picture...

Tiny little dried baby fish, or maybe eels. I ate one, didn't taste bad.

You just put the meat on and let it cook. It was really good.

I've been asked to take a new picture of the Tokyo Tower, so here you go:

From the hotel rooftop, one of the things I like to do is look out at the skyline, because there's one thing I see in Tokyo I don't see anywhere else (or I haven't noticed): so many red anti-collision lights on so many buildings, blinking on and off.  I think it's distinctively Tokyo.

This is the huge Mori building in Roppongi from my hotel - it dominates that part of the skyline. I like watching the top floor, because you regularly see flashes going off.