The gastronomic tour of Japan continues.  There are some standard fare that get you by when you're hungry, without resorting to the fish-egg sandwich at McD's (which they no longer seem to carry).  One is the soba noodles, shown below.  Cold noodles, whether white, green or grey, all taste the same to me. There's a container of sweet soy sauce and scallions you mix and dip, plus some clear stuff.  For about $4 you can't go wrong.

Another variation on the "tan-tan" soup which I'm so fond of, this one was in Osaka, and wasn't as spicy and had some veggies, but was really tasty too.

One night I was coming back from work and saw a Pizza Hut delivery guy leaving the building.  For the next few days I had pizza on my mind, but didn't know how to order it.  I eventually went to the front desk and asked them about pizza and they whipped out this large binder with delivery options of many food styles, including pizza.  I asked what his preference was and he said Domino's, so on his suggestion I ordered it up.  This is a large combo pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, peppers, and sausage.  It tasted just like at home, except a large is an American medium, and it also cost $30.  No tips required.

In Osaka we came across a beard papa's pipin' hot cream puffs, and got a couple.  Mmm tasty.

Some other selectinos from the local convenience stores.  Pocari sweat is the gatorade over here, and I like it a lot because it's not as sweet as gatorade and it has this indescribable citrusy flavor.  The Qoo is like a noncarbonate orange soda, kind of Tang-like, but if you drink too much of it you can get a stomachache.  The Starbucks espresso drinks are the same as at home though may include milk without saying so.  The Country Ma'am cookies come in two styles - Chocochip Cookies Delicious Choco (so Choco-y you get to include it in the title twice!) and Chocochip Cookies Vanilla.  The Toppo Ghana chocolates are like Pocky but we didn't like them as much.  And the Kirin Mint Julep soda is a new release, which was good and a nice change but I wouldn't see getting one every day.

I still like the cup noodle but haven't had it much in the last couple of weeks since I've had visitors.  Trying to upgrade my dietary standards...

Still love this chinese soup (tan-tan) which I'll have to find at home.  I think I've had it 5 times so far.

The beef tongue was good but the porridge in the upper left was thick and sticky and not very tasty when it got cold.

The Korean cook-your-own beef was good, and some of the veggies were spicy.