A second Business Trip to Japan: July - August 2008

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Konnichiwa again!  I'm going back to Japan for another four weeks, and this time have a week of vacation written into the plan.  As before: "The hope is to visit Hiroshima via Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, the home of world-famous Kobe beef.  Yum."  Made it to Kyoto before, and Osaka is on the plan this time for sure, and possibly some other cities.  Time will tell.

August 14 update:  Yes, I'm still alive, just been busy with work and some visitors. This weekend I'll post some updates of some Tokyo sightseeing, another visit to Kyoto, and my stories of eating at the best Eel restaurant in Tokyo, which is 1 block from the hotel, and a new Spanish restaurant next to the Eel restaurant.  So check back soon!

August 16 - The first update is done, covering a trip to Osaka.  Jen has posted some of her pictures on Flickr.

September 1 - I'm home, and have recovered from the jet lag, which wasn't bad but made me fall asleep around 9PM.  Final update is done. See you soon!

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Last Revised (in JST)

July 25-29
First update of the trip so far
8/3/08 20:00
July 31
Some food updates
7/31/08 20:00
August 1
Our trip so far...
8/16/08 20:00
August 2
The Imperial Palace grounds and Ginza
8/3/08 20:00
August 3
A puppet show
8/5/08 20:00
August 4-8
Visiting Osaka
8/16/08 23:00
August 9-10
Protesting the Russians, Dinner, and Fireworks
8/16/08 23:00
August 11
Seeking a watch
8/16/08 23:00
August 12
Tsukiji, Edo-Tokyo Museum, and Eel
8/17/08 23:00
August 13
Kitties and Ueno
8/17/08 23:00
August 14-15
Kyoto and some misc.
8/17/08 24:00
August 16-17
The final weekend
8/18/08 01:00
August 20
Just a minor earthquake
8/20/08 23:59
The Final Report
What's left to say?
9/2/08 07:00

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