Since the 3/11 earthquake that caused so much death and destruction, Japan has continued to be hit by earthquakes that are large enough to send people grabbing their emergency helmet that are under all the desks.   They're happening all the time, even if they're not all felt in Tokyo, or by me.

For example, here's the USGS graphic for the earthquakes in Japan just in the last day.  The blue boxes are quakes ranging from 4.6 to a 6.6.
Courtesy the USGS

Since I've been here, I've noted two that were large enough to be moving things in my hotel room, or set buildings near the office swaying visibly-
This 4.6 one on 9/11 rocked the bed and moved a book along the floor.  Link.

This 6.2 one was felt at the office and was enough to make waves in Tokyo Bay, sway buildings, and get us prepped to evacuate.  But it was short-lived.  90 miles away from Tokyo.  Link.