Lambeau Field

While we were in the vicinity of Green Bay, how could we not visit one of the most storied fields in US Football: Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers play.  Since we're from the northeast, it was incredible how beautiful a drive it is to the field, not all nasty citylike as in most cities.

Beautiful building, it was recently renovated while keeping much of the original facility from 1955. 

For a reasonable $11 fee, two great staff took us and a small group on a tour of the stadium.  We got to sit in one of the skyboxes-

They play football in the cold in Green Bay (as they should), but you can sit in leather-comfort if you wish. (And can afford)

We also got to head out onto the field area (but please, not on the field itself).  They played a cool audio clip to give you the feeling of what the team would hear as they are being introduced on game day.

Dad had a great time.  Mom would have loved this.

The seats are really close to and right at field level.  You certainly get the feeling of participation.

Super tour, glad we went.  Only half an hour from Oshkosh and very easy to get to.  Recommended.