Space Shuttle STS-117 Launch

June 8, 2007

Due to a fortuitous scheduling situation on a business trip to Orlando, I happened to be free on the evening of June 8, 2007 when the Space Shuttle launched from Kennedy Space Center. 

I got some pretty amazing video of the launch - I was about as close as you can get, 10.4 miles as measured by Google Earth.  Here's a placemark to the spot I was standing. 

Here's two links to the video, but I don't think the sound is working. I'll update them with a better edited version once I learn a little more iMovie this week.  The original 3 minute video is over 220 Meg and obviously too large for general consumption.

STS-117 Launch in Quicktime format
STS-117 Launch in MPEG-4 format

Please check back and view the updated video - it was really exciting to finally see a live launch.  I'll include some of the stories of the trip as well.

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