The Food

There are some interesting differences about some of the food down here.  Besides the multicultural influences in the food, they call certain things differently which might cause a traveler confusion.

Raisins:        sultanas
Bell Peppers:        capsicum
Latte without froth:    Flat White
Latte with froth:        Latte
Black Coffee:            Long Black

We've also never seen a place which is so big on pasta dishes.  We've had some really good pasta down here.  Everything is also served HOT.  Not lukewarm, HOT.  Wish the states would serve stuff hot.

Also, it seems customary in most casual restaurants to order, pay, then sit and have it delivered.  All bars we've been to make you order food and drink at the bar, then they give you a number on a stick to stand on your table, then they bring it out to you. You can't order at the table.  Also, after eating you have to go into the bar to pay there, they won't let you pay at the table they just brought the food to.

There are more differences which we'll outline later, when we get a chance.

On 5/14 we felt like simple food so we ate at the Pancake Parlour, Australia's answer to IHOP.  We're pleased to report the pancakes are better, hotter, and the place is more fun.  Check out their web site at