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We're home!

We wanted to give one big global "Thank you" to everyone who wrote us while we were away.  It was great keeping in touch with you across 14 to 17 time zones with the joys of modern technology.  We hope you enjoyed the site and found it entertaining, and maybe even educational.

There will be some updates to the site over the next week or so - new pictures and filling in some stories, but after that it will most likely remain static, or be reused for some other purposes.  If that happens the site will be available as a link off the main page.  If you'd like to be kept abreast of changes to the Australian web site please send Alex an email at the address below.

Thanks again for your correspondence and thoughts during our trip!
- Alex, Barbara and Gretchen Kuhn

There's been an update to the Vegemite page on 5/28.

May 20 Updates
I found a better picture of the Southern Cross in my photos, a little shaky (no tripod) but it displays properly.  It's been put on the May 9  page, where the original link is.
Also re-updated the May 17 page with some things from our trip home.
I also generated a page of web statistics  for the site, since many have wondered about the page counter.

The pages for May 5 - 11 are updated.  Also check out the Vegemite Report.

NOTE:  The Southern Cross picture has been uploaded.  Sorry for any confusion.

May 13 - I tweaked a lot of things - there's a new Navy page, 5/11 - 15 have been updated, as have the technology and plumbing pages.

May 14  has been updated, and a new page on FOOD has been added.

May 15 has been updated, andI added a link off FOOD too.

May 16 has been updated, and I added a page on the money of Australia.

We're leaving tomorrow - see you in a day!

Links to a Page-A-Day:

Friday, May 4 Departure Day Last Revised: 4/30/01 10:24 PM
Saturday, May 5 The story of our trip over - including pictures. 5/6/01 12:32 PM
Sunday, May 6 Our trip around Sydney and the area. 5/6/01  10:00 PM
Monday, May 7 FLASH!  Mom finally meets her koala!  And pictures of Bondi beach and dinner from the AMP tower. 5/7/01 10:48 PM
Tuesday, May 8 Sydney - The Buran Space Shuttle?  Yes!  Also some nice pictures from Sydney Aquarium.  And our story about the Rain. 5/8/01 7:29 PM
Wednesday, May 9 Fly to Cairns ("Cans") and a picture of the Southern Cross 5/9/01 9:32 PM
Thursday, May 10 Great Barrier Reef Trip- AMAZING! 5/10/01 9:55 PM
Friday, May 11 Kuranda Rail & Skyrail Trip 5/11/01 6:27 PM
Saturday, May 12 Cairns - Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! 5/13/01 5:08 PM
Sunday, May 13 Mother's Day, Fly to Melbourne 5/13/01 5:21 PM
Monday, May 14 Check out Melbourne & the Zoo 5/15/01 12:01 AM
Tuesday, May 15 Mom's Birthday, City Sights tour, and the Dead Sea Scrolls? 5/15/01 6:51 PM
Wednesday, May 16 Scenic Great Ocean Road Journey - Day Trip 5/16/01 9:26 PM
Thursday, May 17 Live the same day twice!  Come Home. 5/17/01 10:54 PM

We'll be checking mail at these email addresses while we're away:



Alex:<--- NOTE: this is a special address for this TRIP!  Please use this one.

The Special Pages

Sample Page Pictures of my cats, what else?
The Technology of our trip What did we have to do to get this site up from Down Under?
The Plumbing Page All the answers to the second most important question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!
The VEGEMITE Page The finest in Australian Cuisine examined by your intrepid reporters
The Navy Ship Story All you wanted to know about that ship, or at least all you're going to get out of us!
FOOD All you need to know about food.  Version 1
The Money of Australia What it looks like and how it works
The Site Statistics Page All you ever wanted to know about what Big Brother can tell about you as you surf the net.  And HE can see a lot more than this...

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