Wednesday, May 16

A Road Trip down the "Great Ocean Road"

Although we had purchased several day trips from the travel agency, after looking through some local brochures, and deciding we didn't want to spend another day in Melbourne itself, we paid for a bus trip down the "Great Ocean Road", a road built after WW I which runs several hundred miles west of Melbourne.

We knew we would see several scenic natural objects, and figured there would be some tourist stuff in the day as well.

We just got back and thought it was a great tour.  Although Gretch had some problems with the twisty roads ('nuff said) and it was a 12 hour tour and when we got to the high point of the day it started hailing and pouring we enjoyed it.  Here's some things we saw:

Bells Beach - Australia' Surf Capital - there were people out in 50 degree weather surfing:

Some typical Australian Bush (keep it clean, people!)

Where we were standing was the end of Australia - next stop, Antarctica!

Here was the highpoint of the day, the "Twelve Apostles" - you've probably seen pictures of these in some Ford car commercials.  About 2 minutes before we showed up it started pouring and hailing, so the pix are a little grey-

It was blowing 40 - I was having trouble keeping my hat-

We saw a place called "Loch Ard Gorge", where a ship called the Loch Ard went aground.  Very interesting land formations-

There was also a natural stone formation known as "London Bridge" whose "main span" collapsed in 1990 due to erosion.  Picture this island as actually being attached to the mainland-

And coming back I got a decent picture of downtown Melbourne:

There's more to it than that but it's the only pic where the bus wasn't moving.

This is our last night in Australia - in the morning we're off for the airport for our 33 hour Thursday.  From the time I write this to when we get home will be one continuous day for us, but two full work days for you.

We'll see you soon-

Love from US