Thursday, May 17

Home at Last, Home at Last

Thank God Almighty, we are Home At Last

It's been another LONG day - Thursday May 17 has been about 36 hours.  We had 2 dawns, 2 dusks, 2 breakfasts and a lunch on our 747:

But we got into LAX at the appointed time, Customs was not an issue, and the rest of the flights, while delayed 20-40 minutes each got us home just about on time.

It took the weekend for us to completely recover, but our lack of sleep probably helped get us synced up - we were tired enough at our normal sleep time that we could get back in rhythm.

We had also taken some homeopathic jet lag pills which may have helped, but may not have.  We'll have to send Mom back without the pills to see if she gets whacked out without them.

I had also started to do an acupressure-style jet lag treatment but I found it hard to press a spot on my foot at a particular time while cramped in a coach seat.  Maybe if I go back in First Class...

Anyway, on Friday, after I got up and showered, a DHL truck showed up with an expected delivery - a present Mom bought me while we in Cairns- A didgeridoo!  (Kyle finds it quite interesting.)

I've spent some time with it, reading the book and listening to a CD and am starting to get the hang of it.  Come over and you can give it a try.

And yes, Jen got her hat for her birthday-  Happy 18th Jen!  And thanks for taking care of the cats!