Saturday, May 5


We got here successfully!

It was a long-assed damn trip but we got here okay, on time, in "weather" which was less than I've had going to Chicago on a good day.  All the plans we made were as we hoped and now we're live on the 'net from downtown Sydney.

More to come after we catch some ZZZZZs.....
Love - Alex Gretchen Barbara

Notes for the day:
After uploading our "we got here message" we went out to the 'hood to see what we could get for dinner.  Didn't get any dinner, but we did sample some of the "local brews".

Yes, Matt - the locals DO drink VB instead of Fosters - I like it better than Fosters too.  Gretchen did too.  For you Americans VB is the local "Victoria's Bitter" - more like an ale than a beer.  Fosters tastes like Bud to me - VB is more like Sam or Heineken.  Also, apparently we didn't order "Pints" - we got "Schooners".

We then caught our requisite Zs.  Figured out the power system and charged up the laptop - all is well.