Monday, May 7


We went to the Featherdale Wildlife park, off in the suburbs today.  Tour guide said it's the best park for seeing native Australian wildlife in reasonably realistic settings.

There'll be more pictures later, but here we are petting a koala, and meeting some other creatures:

After lunch at the Queen Victoria Shops (a 100 year old mall - neat building) it was off to the Bondi (pronounced Bond-eye) tour.  2 hours, about 50 miles of the suburbs.  This is where the rich people live.  Neat architecture, beautiful water and beaches.  And if you surf you know why people get up for these beaches.

Here's a few pix of that trip -
The Australian Navy:

A neat fountain that commemorates "El Alamain":

The Sydney Yacht club (2 blocks from the new Heroin Needle swap shop)

The end of the Sydney rocks, leading to the Pacific:

Bondi Beach:

Tom's Summer Vacation:

Dinner on top of the AMP Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere:

The view of the tower from the ground:

The Anzac memorial boulevard: