The Money

Mom's been here for two weeks and is just starting to figure out the money.  It's not that tough, and it is pretty currency.

You'll have to turn your head to view the pix acceptably, but here's what the bills look like:

Each bill is a different color, and also a different SIZE, the larger the denomination the larger the bill.  They also have a cutout with a plastic pattern on it on the bill.    The $100 is green.

The coinage is more confusing:

There are silver-colored coins and gold-colored coins.  The gold are the 3 on the right, the silver are the 4 on the left.

They are denominated in this way in the picture:
    50c    10c    $2
    50c    20c    $1

There's also a 5c I forgot to put in the picture, it's smaller than the 10c.

It's curious that the $1 and $2 are smaller than the other coins.  The $2 is also the thickest of them all, but the smallest diameter.

Once you deal with them it's not hard to work with.  But there are no quarter-dollar, nor any pennies.  They did away with pennies a few years ago, and if the total requires it (i.e. $2.17) they round to the nearest nickel.

Thought you'd like to know.