The Plumbing Page

So many people wanted to know the answer to the eternal Northern Hemisphere question:

"Does the water in the toilet really go the other way in Australia?"

that this page is dedicated to showing you that it does, or doesn't.  Depends on what we find...
(Although the sci.physics FAQ doesn't think that the hemisphere matters)

To get you oriented, here's an animation of what I find in MY bathroom in Connecticut:

The water runs counter-clockwise up NORTH

If the animation doesn't work, here's a good still to demonstrate:

Note the direction the water goes, to the LEFT.  We call that "Counter-clockwise".  If things are truly as we've been told, it should spin to the RIGHT in Australia.
But the silly physics people think the water flows in the direction the pipe feeds out of the toilet.

Once we get Down Under, I'll take another video in their W.C. and see what transpires, and place the results on this page.
Then life can go on as normal!

Okay Keith?!

Update for May 5:
Our hotel has put us on the top floor and has some excessively strong water pressure to the 'loo.  Because of that, our experiments here are unable to realistically show the direction the water flows.  Hopefully we can be somewhere later in our travels that uses more conventional "Gravity feed".  We'll keep you apprised....

Update for May 13:

I think they're running out of water in Australia because every hotel has the same pressurized pump-driven toilets.  They even have 2 buttons on top, 1 for a full flush and one for a half-flush.

So out of desperation I filled the sink in Melbourne (southern most city of our trip) and pulled the plug.  Unfortunately the sink drains really well so I wasn't able to get too much cyclonic motion, but after 4 attempts (there goes my water savings bonus) I think the water drained counter-clockwise, just like in the 'states.

I'll see if I can stop the flow some and get a better result.  More to come.