The Kuhns Go Down Under--  AGAIN!

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September 22, 2004 1:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time USA
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"There and back again."

It's been three years since we went to Australia, and since our friend Jen is in Sydney, we have decided it's time to go back!  So in September, 2004 check back here for another exciting adventure Down Under.  This time, we're going to New Zealand before going to Australia, and we expect some absolutely fantastic photos from there.

Unfortunately, Gretchen can't go this year, so it will be just Alex and Barbara.  But we will write and maybe have some new features available on the web site for you to check out.
And check out the old site for an idea on where we have been, and where we loved it so much that we are returning.  Our itinerary is below.  Talk with you soon!
- Alex and Barbara Kuhn

September 21 Update

I'm working on some updates with additional stories and links to larger versions of the photos, since I'm not trying to do the uploads using a 28.8K modem any more.  This has been done for the September 5 page in Auckland.  Each photo should have a link to a larger version of itself.  Give it a try!

More updates up through 9/10.

September 18 Update

We're home! Check back here over the few days for more updates, as well as additional pictures and narrative of some of our activities.  Thanks again to everyone who wrote us while we were away. -- Alex and Barbara

September 17 Update

Hi!  Sorry I haven't been very good about updating in the last few days, but I ran into some problems with Internet access in Australia, different problems than I had in Queenstown, NZ.  The dial-up provider I was using, "Budget Dial-Up" worked okay in New Zealand, but when we went to Cairns, the dial-up program would crash upon connect, unless I used a number that incurred a 2x charge. So I was careful about making updates lest I run out of time. 

Today I update from 9/14 through 9/17, covering a trip to the Tropical Zoo in Cairns and a trip to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. 

And our trip is nearly at an end - we leave for home tomorrow morning, arriving in Hartford Saturday night.  Thanks to everyone who has written us while we've been away! It's been great knowing you're thinking of us.

September 9 Update

Hi Everybody!  Sorry we've been out of touch for a few days but the Queenstown phone system gave us some trouble.  But we're now in Christchurch and have made some updates.  So check the pages for 9/5 through 9/9.

Image (c) Swain Tours

Here are images of the two hurricanes which threatened our trip, but in the end, did not affect us at all.  They certainly did affect Florida, though.
Hurricane Frances, Image from Accuweather  Hurricane Ivan, Image from Accuweather

Links to the Page-A-Day (tm) Tandy Corp

Trip Day

Brief Description of Activities - Check each page for more detail!

Last Revised (in AET)

Friday, Sep 3 Departure Day  9/02/04 11:28 AM
Saturday, Sep 4 We lose this day crossing the date line 9/02/04 11:28 AM
Sunday, Sep 5 Arrive Auckland, NZ early in the morning.  We have the day to recover from the long flight and see some of the North Island. 9/22/04 5:48 AM
Monday, Sep 6 Fly to Queenstown, on the South Island.  9/22/04 5:30 AM
Tuesday, Sep 7 A trip to Milford Sound on the Tasman Sea.  May see dolphins, and some of the most beautiful mountains and other natural scenery. 9/22/04 5:30 AM
Wednesday, Sep 8 Explore Queenstown 9/22/04 5:30 AM
Thursday, Sep 9 This should be one of the highlights of the trip - a motor coach trip to Christchurch.  We drive across the south island seeing New Zealand's natural splendor.  If you've seen Lord of the Rings, you've seen some of where we will be. 9/22/04 5:30 AM
Friday, Sep 10 Trip to Akaroa.  Visit extinct volcanoes on Banks Peninsula and a catamaran cruise on the harbor, where we may see seals and small dolphins.  "A totally fantastic, personally guided trip to an extinct volcano.  Check it out!" 9/22/04 1:13 PM
Saturday, Sep 11 Fly to Cairns, Australia, where we will spend 3 days.  9/12/04 9:00 PM
Sunday, Sep 12 Great Barrier Reef trip.  We are taking the same trip we took in 2001, because we had such a splendid time.  Maybe we will get mom to scuba this time. 9/13/04 9:15 AM
Monday, Sep 13 Day at leisure in Cairns.  9/13/04 9:30 PM
Tuesday, Sep 14 Day at leisure in Cairns.  Going to the Tropical Zoo in the morning.
9/17/04 7:15 PM
Wed., Sep 15 Fly to Sydney where we will see Jen, your friendly MSN webmistress. 9/17/04 7:15 PM
Thursday, Sep 16 Relax and enjoy our time in Sydney. 9/17/04 7:15 PM
Friday, Sep 17 More time in Sydney. 9/17/04 7:15 PM
Saturday, Sep 18 Fly home.  8/23/04 9:00 AM

Other Miscellaneous Pages:
The Lord of the Rings
Some information about some sites we will be near or at that you may have seen in one of the Lord of the Rings films.
8/23/04 9:00 AM
Site Statistics
Here is a page of web site statistics for the time period that we were away.
9/21/04 1:45 PM

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