The Lord of the Rings

Film locations in New Zealand

Many of our friends are big fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies that came out over the last few years.  Many of the most beautiful, memorable locations were filmed in New Zealand, the home country of Peter Jackson, the director of LotR. 

The best coverage I've seen of  the locations where filming was done is at the Lord of the Rings Travel Guide, where they document a lot about the movie production. I'm going to borrow his map and list out some of the sites where we will be, and the locations where they were seen in the movies.  But check out their site - it's really neat.

Map (c)

Milford Sound - Fangorn Forest, and parts of other areas such as Lothlorien, Isengard and Amon Hen.

Queenstown - Lothlorien,

Lake Wakatipu, which is near Queenstown - parts of Lothlorien and the river Anduin

Te Anau - The Dead Marshes, as well as other scenes of the river Anduin

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