Saturday, September 11

We will never forget those we knew in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01

On a lighter note, today we leave New Zealand and go to Cairns, Australia, a tropical paradise in the northern part of Queensland.  We went there in May 2001, and want to go back.  So this morning we have a very early rise for the 5:50 am QF66 to Sydney, thence to Cairns on QF167, arriving 11:10am.

This time we're staying at the Cairns Colonial Club resort, 18-26 Cannon Street, Cairns. 

Hi!  Everything went as planned this morning, our 3:30 am pickup occurred, getting through Christchurch checkin at that time was simple, we paid our NZ$25 departure tax, got a coffee, went through security, and were off to Sydney at 5:50 a.m.  In Sydney we only had an hour between flights, and weren't positive that we would not go through Customs there, but our travel agent was correct - we did an international transfer in Sydney, which means we went through security again, but did not retrieve our checked luggage or do customs.  That happened in Cairns, and was nice and easy.  We got to the hotel less than an hour after landing.

Since then we're checking out the resort, which is very lush, and has several pools and places to lounge around.  We're going to go into the city tonight to look around, but have nothing in particular planned. 

Tomorrow we're on the Ocean Spirit for another Great Barrier Reef cruise - the same one we did in 2001.  We had a great time then and want a repeat.  We'll report back tomorrow night.


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