Monday, September 13

A day at leisure in Cairns

Since the weather in Cairns is always so wonderful we are taking some time to just kick back and relax.  After all, it's Mom's vacation as well!

We had a nice day - slept in a bit, watched the morning news with a recap of the Australian Prime Ministerial debate last night.  Went for breakfast, were horrified at the prices charged for the hot breakfast (more than we spent on a nice dinner last night), bought cereal and juice at the store, did some emails, took a nap, sat by the pool.   Then the wind picked up, the skies got cloudy, and it appeared to want to rain (it only sprinkled for a few minutes).  Took the shuttle to the tourist area, walked around for a couple of hours, did some shopping, and had dinner at Monsoons, the restaurant in the Pacific International where we had eaten several times in 2001 and enjoyed it very much.  It hadn't changed at all, the menu only slightly.  Mom had the fish special - herb crusted Barramundi with risotto cake and excellent garlic-roasted tomatoes.  I had the barramundi and swordfish over fettucine with garlic cream sauce, and a roasted carrot soup.  Tasty!

All in all, a nice relaxing day in Cairns.  Tomorrow we're going to the Tropical Zoo, about 20 minutes away, so Mom can hold a koala.  Only a half-day trip.  Then we'll wrap up our shopping in preparation for going to Sydney on Wednesday.

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