Friday September 3

Or: Get on the plane!

We're on our way to New Zealand!  Obviously we have done this trip before, so we generally know what to expect.  But it will be once again a VERY long day.  We fly American FIRST CLASS to ORD and LAX (courtesy of a hundred thousand miles courtesy of HIG trips in 1998, 1999 and 2000).  From there we board QANTAS QF26 to Auckland, NZ.  ETA : 5:20 AM on September 5.

Those who have flown to Hawaii have often wondered how much further Australia / New Zealand are in comparison.  The QANTAS web site has a very neat dynamic map that lets you see the approximate route your flight will take.  Below is a snapshot of the routes QANTAS flies from Los Angeles International.

QANTAS flights from LAX

As you can see, once you're over Hawaii, you're only about a third of the way to Sydney!  It's a LONG flight.
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