Saturday September 4

Boy these days fly by...

Mr. Spock: "Captain, according to my calculations, the Kuhns will be in September 4 for approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes before crossing the date line into September 5."

Captain Kirk:  "Spock, you're a dork."

In an effort to give you something more to experience on this day, while we're in the air, here's an assignment for Mr. Bellizzi's Geography class in Windsor, CT.

Below are two flags.  Your job is to figure out which country's flag each is.  Also, what is the significance of the stars being on the flags?  For more credit, what is the significance of the different number of points on the stars on the flags?  
Country # 1    Country #2
If you're stuck, you can get some help from the Central Intelligence Agency.

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