Dad goes flying!

Long long time ago, when I was just a baby, Dad had been taking flying lessons.  However, the burdens of his firstborn being many, he stopped taking lessons and did not return.  For Father's Day this year, we decided to help rectify this situation and give him a flight of his choosing, to take the yoke or not, but to get back up there and enjoy a nice day.  On December 1, 2005, he took this flight.

We went to the school where I have been taking lessons, and we had a different instructor and different plane than any prior flight. 

Here's Dad in front of the Cessna Cardinal we took

Ready for engine start.  Getting excited?!

Taxiing to the Runway, here's the tower:

Just after takeoff - what a feeling!

Still on runway heading 020, Hartford off to our left.

Our first turn takes us over East Hartford, Pratt and Whitney and the new UConn stadium, conveniently positioned at the end of a now unused runway.

Turning South with Brainard off to our right.

Dad asked if we could head toward Fairfield and buzz the homestead, so South we go!  Over the Putnam Bridge...

Got the controls, and following the Connecticut River.

Made it to Meriden Airport

And Oakdale.

Didn't know New Haven was so marshy.

Turning Southwest, we flew by Sikorsky Aircraft.  We had seen it going over the bridge on the Merrit many times, this gave a new perspective.

And about 25 minutes after takeoff, here's Bridgeport / Fairfield.

Finally, it's time to wave to Mom.  Hi Mom!  Click the picture for the very large original.

Turrning around I got a nice shot of the beach area, Sasco hill and the country club.

Wow, I guess Fairfield is a beach community. 

Ah, Southport.  Pequot Yacht club and a few churches we know.  Click for a larger version.

Time to head back.  First we go over Bridgeport.

I think this is Derby.

A quick turn to the East (and below the now-forming cloud cover) takes us to Gillette Castle.

And the Goodspeed Opera House, with its neighboring airstrip.

Up to Middletown and its famous bridges (and that stop light on Route 9)

And a nice easy landing at Brainard, right on time.  Total trip time: 1 hour 6 minutes.

Thanks Tom for a fantastic flight, and thanks to Henry at Metro Flight Services for getting us the really nice plane! 

Dad had a great trip.  Ask him about it.  Happy Father's Day Dad!