Going Flying - Again

It's been a few years since I last took flying lessons. I had about 13 hours before I suspended (not quit) due to the lack of blocks of time to take and stick with lessons.  But I've got some time available now, so I've started up again.  Now at Sikorsky Airport in Bridgeport/Stratford.  A couple of weeks before this, I did a first lesson to get reacquainted with flying and see how much I need to relearn. Turns out a lot of it came right back.  So on this day, we took the opportunity of nice weather to bring some family and friends along in a complex, high-performance Cherokee Six for a flight along the Connecticut shore. It's always a nice day to fly...  This was particularly fun because it was my first flight out of the area.

We took off from BDR and headed mostly east along the shore.  The 300 hp engine made it an easy climb.  But I found holding right rudder was hard, and after the 1.6 hour flight my leg was sore. It will pass.  The airport is off the wing.

Here I am at the controls.  There's a lot more to keep an eye on in this plane, which is beautiful, comfortable and high-tech. Note the GPS moving map display.

Another view of BDR behind us.

Here's a better view of the panel.  We're headed toward Groton Airport (KGON), where we hope to get clearance to descend over the sub base and then go south toward Fisher's Island.

The Thimble Islands, off Branford/Guilford.

Long Island is on our right.

A nice day for sailing.

A view up the Connecticut River.

Here we are in Groton.

The airport. They gave us clearance to descend and head north up the river, then we wanted to turn around and go south.

Here's Groton with the two indian casinos in the distance.

A better shot of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

I don't know what all these buildings are, because I didn't take the pictures - I was flying.

Some ferries, I think to Block Island and beyond.

The Coast Guard Academy is out here, and here's their field.

Dad's enjoying himself.

The sub base.

There's only one sub visible - maybe there's more under the water. We'll never know.

Some nice houses.

We flew over to Fisher's Island and did a low approach, and got some nice pictures of the pretty lighthouse.

Staying focused, looking for traffic...

We then flew down the North Shore to Calverton airport, a private one used for skydivers. There was one plane dropping them out, but you can't see them in this picture.  Calverton used to be where Grumman aircraft were built, and it's a very large airport.

Heading across the sound back to Bridgeport. See the GPS?

Coming in on approach, 10% flaps.

We all had a great time. Can't wait for more!