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Some personal links, mostly related to travel:
The 2001 Australia Trip
The 2004 New Zealand and Australia Trip
Flight Training (Initial)
The 2005 India Trip
A flight to San Francisco, September 2005
Dad returns to flying
A visit to Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, TX
A vacation in Colorado
A trip to Japan, April-May 2006
Somewhere new - Ghana, West Africa. Oh, and London too.
A visit to Amarillo, Texas
Alex & Bob: The 2007 World Tour
Seeing the Space Shuttle Launch: STS-117
One more continent down: A trip to Brazil
Going Flying - Again
And now, the Caribbean - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Back to Japan - July-August 2008
A visit to Oshkosh
Lambeau Field
Learning to Fly (Updated 3/10/12)
Japan and China 2010
Japan and China 2011
Nagasaki, Japan
Spain 2009 (Updated 3/2012)
London and Dublin with Dad
Around the world 2012 - Alex & Brian