Thursday, March 15

Today we flew to Bhubaneswar, which is in the state of Orissa in the northeast part of India, but not as far northeast as Calcutta (now Kolkata). 

Here is the last view of the Bombay airport as we push off.  Bye!

Some of the city from the air.

In this picture, the large wedge on the left is an enormous slum.

On this flight we had a brief stop in Raipur, here's what that area looks like.

Raipur airport.  It's the smallest airport I've ever flown on a jet into.

People digging a ditch at Raipur under the watchful eye of a guard with a rifle.

Back in the air, we headed east to Bhubaneswar.  It gets more green out here.

On approach to Bhubaneswar, we see farmland and some larger industry.  We're told there's a lot of mining activity out here.

Bhubaneswar airport, looks nice.

On the way to the Trident Hilton.

Kids getting out of school.

There's not more to say today, because by the time we got to the hotel I wasn't feeling outstanding, the food, travel and strain starting to show.  So I took a nap, then had some water and a Clif bar and went back to bed.  I felt better the next morning.