Another exiting adventure - Ghana and London

Last Updated: October 3, 2006 22:00 UTC (EDT + 4:00)
October 3, 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Updated 10/8/06 - Hi, we're home.  Check back for some more stories and be sure to see CJ's trip to Elmina Castle..


Trip Day

Brief Description of Activities - Check each page for more detail!

Last Revised (UTC)

Sunday, Oct 1
Departure Day.  JFK to Heathrow, on to Accra.
10/2/06 8:00
Monday, Oct 2
In the office.  Probably not a lot to post this day.
10/2/06 19:00
Tuesday, Oct 3
Back in the office. 
10/3/06 22:00
Wednesday, Oct 4
A drive around Accra.
10/4/06 20:00
Thursday, Oct 5
CJ goes to Elmina Castle, site of the slave trade
10/9/06 02:00
Friday, Oct 6
Early arrival and a day at touring London.
10/9/06 02:30
Saturday, Oct 7
Another day in London.  No, the company's not paying...
10/9/06 02:30
Sunday, Oct 8
Return home.

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10/2/06 19:00
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Daily Automatic Updates
You people... Toilets... Sheesh.
10/3/06 22:00

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