It happens in threes: Another Business Trip to Japan and China: March-April 2010

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Konnichi-wa yet again!  I'm on my way back to Asia, this time to Japan and China.  There will be some new cities in this trip, including Dalian, China, and the island of Okinawa, Japan. 
It's a shorter trip and a busy one, but I hope to still be able to see some sights.

Trip Day

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Update #1
The trip so far - sights seen and foods eaten
3/23/10 20:00
China Part I
Dalian, China and some goings-on in Shanghai, now unmonitored by The Great Firewall
3/28/10 20:00
China Part II
Shanghai, some good food, the sights, Maglev, and off to Okinawa.
3/28/10 20:00
Japanese HQ Tunnels, Shuri Castle, and more food
3/30/10 21:00

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