On the road again: Brazil

Last Updated: August 16, 2007

8/10/07: We're on the road again, this time going to an undisclosed location in Brazil. I will post as time permits.  Hope to see you in less than a week.
8/12: We've arrived safely, have updated a few pages. Enjoy!
8/16: We're home. All went well, would definitely go back again.  See you next time.

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Friday, August 10
Leave JFK for Brazil
8/12 15:00
Saturday, August 11
Arrive Sao Paolo, get settled, go to the mall
8/12 15:00
Sunday, August 12
Hanging around the hotel, a pirate ship, and the Southern Cross
8/12 23:00
Monday, August 13
Another mall, spatzle and McInternet
8/14 02:00
Wednesday, August 15
Our trip home, happily uneventful.
8/16 00:00

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8/14 10:00
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8/12 15:00

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